This blog is run by a group of first year undergraduates at Plymouth university. There are 6 of us in the group from a variety of courses, these are marine biology and oceanography, english, geology, marine biology and coastal ecology and oceanography and coastal processes. Between us we have a variety of different skills which we will use to look into the large issue of marine pollution.

This blog will go towards one of our modules where we have to convey a message to a target audience, as mentioned our message will be about marine pollution and that one single person can make a difference.

Seren Kiremitcioglu-English literature:

Interests: Sailing, Yacht Races, Traveling, Reading12666419_502049439979060_1103828269_n

Topical Interests: Shakespeare, contemporary literature, classics.

Why I study my course: I absolutely love deconstructing texts, reading between the lines and learning the historical and social contexts behind beautiful pieces of literature, so of course English naturally called out to me!


Beth Wooster-Marine Biology and Oceanography:

12695852_833439660098862_374018441_n Likes: diving, travelling, ocean swimming.

Topical interests: ocean acidification, coral reefs, deep ocean exploration.

Why I study my course: I love the ocean and find it amazing that there is so much still to be discovered, since we have only explored under 5% of it! Studying the biology of the organisms in the oceans along with the chemical and physical aspects of the seas was the perfect course for me.

Lauren Fidler-Marine biology and Oceanography:

Likes: art, reading, scuba diving, photography.150170_10202928590247641_5471924836482519674_n

Topical interests: Coral reefs, endangered species, conservation.

Why I study my course: Ever since a young age I have loved sea mammals and the ocean, this started since I was five and i have been adamant since I would become a Marine biologist. This course gave me the chance to follow my dream and incorporate my love of science too. Hopefully one day I will become a research diver on coral conservation.


Josh Earl-Oceanography and coastal processes:1921121_787670847919945_3125775743500977812_o.jpg

Likes: Wave Photography & Football

Topical Interests: Wave energy, Beach formation

Why I study my course: I’ve always been lucky enough to live by the coast. I love being in the sea and being amongst the raw power of the ocean.


Tom Smith-Geology:

CaptureLikes: Sailing, Rock Climbing, Football.

Topical Interests: Coral Reefs, Ocean Topography, Marine Geology.

Why I study my course: Geology has always been something that has excited me even from an early age. It addresses some of society’s most important problems such as energy resources, mineral resources and environmental climate change. The opportunity to work with some of the world’s major problems is the main reason I chose to study it.

Kathini Gill-Marine biology and coastal ecology:

Likes: Scuba Diving, Freediving, Travelling.11215771_506707192844029_8980704007017385505_n

Topical interests: Coral reefs, Renewable energy, Mammals.

Why I study my course: I have always loved the ocean. The very first time I went scuba diving I realised that Marine Biology was for me! My aim is to one day have a career which contributes to the preservation of our Oceans.



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