Educate, advocate:

One of our main aims on this blog is to educate, and honestly, that is the best thing you can do to help. If you are educated you can choose to make a well informed decision, whether it be the activities you take part in or the products you buy.

My goal in this post isn’t to educate you, it’s to help you find ways to educate yourself.

A great website for information about different types of marine pollution, it contains a collection of multimedia so it really should cater to all tastes. The website is aimed at students but really is suitable for anyone who wants to learn.

Project Aware is a diving group working towards making the ocean cleaner, and also some other issues. As I am diver I find Project Aware a great resource as it educates me on the issues, and give me ideas and projects I can partake in as a diver. It also helps you set up your own event. It allows you to be directly involved in cleaning up our oceans, while they work with the big fish (corporations, governments etc) to develop legislation to stop debris from entering the oceans in the future.



Some fantastic TED talks! I love a TED talk, they can really educate you within ten to twenty minutes and are easy for you to listen to. Marinebio is a non-profit charity organisation, it is run by students, scientists, and everyday people who volunteer. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not as educating and fulfilling as any other site.

There are lots of research papers, websites and books which can teach you everything you want to know. All of the information is out there when you look. I have just given you a couple of websites which can help you on your way to becoming an ocean advocate.

Lauren 🙂


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