There are nearly 2,500 items of rubbish for every kilometre on a beach.


There are nearly 2,500 items of rubbish for every kilometre on a beach.

Shocking right?

The height of British summer time is plagued by our rubbish. But all’s not lost, yet. All around the world there are developments to limit the amount of litter entering our coastlines. But what about us? What can we do?

There are hundreds if not thousands of litter picks taking place across the country. Get involved! Even if there isn’t one running in your local area, you can start one. There are so many simple things you could do.

Day at the beach: make sure you take your litter with you, or dispose of it in the correct facilities.

Talk to your children: Explain to them in simple terms the effects of their litter, I’ve linked a helpful site with ways to discuss the situation with young children.

If you decide to go litter picking please make sure you take the right precautions, gloves should be worn at all times and any items collected safely disposed of and any children taking part should be correctly supervised.

Individuals, groups or communities can take part in cleaning up the beaches. There are many different charities and organisations arranging clean ups on community beaches. I will be discussing one charity and their goals towards cleaning our beaches.

Surfers against Sewage are working to deal with the marine litter crisis; they work with communities, government and corporations. They have four main aims:

  • Stopping marine litter at source – preventing it entering the environment in the first place
  • Creating a circular economy through extended producer responsibility and greater corporate accountability
  • Creating new legislation to protect the coastal environment from marine litter
  • Dramatically up-scaling marine litter education and volunteering opportunities amongst coastal communities and the general public.

They annually aim to have 10,000 community beach clean ups; they also have many different campaigns to tidy our beaches for me and you.

In 2014 Surfers against Sewage (SAS) organised 335 beach clean-ups and received over nine thousand volunteers. Their goal is to have reduced litter on UK beaches by 50% by 2020, a goal which is easily reachable if we all work together and volunteer. There is an estimated 41,146,380 pieces of marine litter on the British coast line. Sounds like an impossible goal, huh?

Actually, in 2014 SAS collected almost 60 tonnes of litter. Anyone can make a difference!

Community leaders can organise their own SAS beach clean-up under SAS’s public liability insurance – they have a simple step by step guide for you.

To learn more about SAS litter picks and how you can organise your own please click the link below:

SAS beach clean campaign

Lauren 🙂


9 thoughts on “There are nearly 2,500 items of rubbish for every kilometre on a beach.

  1. Anonymous

    Everytime I have been to any beach there has always a ton of rubbish around and abojt, it would be quite cool to get Involved with one of the litter picking session. It would be nice tk think that we could also stop people littering in the first place!


    1. Hi Martin, that should be discussed in one of the posts to come. But i’ll give you a few ideas:
      Recycling- especially stuff you flush or put down the sink, as most of that ends up in the sea.
      Reduce littering, for example using fines.
      Find a biodegradable alternative to plastics as they don’t degrade.
      I hope these give you a few ideas. There will be more to come shortly on one of the posts under the tag of litter 🙂 Thank you for your comment. Lauren 🙂


  2. William

    This is spot on, this is a solution not a cure. We can keep removing litter but we need to stop it before it even reaches out beaches. We need to keep them save for our children.


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  5. Hello What a lovely blog! My family are new to learning more about the plight of the oceans and have embraced beach cleans this summer to try to make a difference. Just today I discovered that there is a UK Parliament Petition to “Implement a UK-wide Deposit Return Scheme for recyclable drinks bottles” Would you be interested in signing it? If so, please share and spread the word. It expires very soon so needs urgent attention. Many thanks 🙂


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